What Is Spiritual Direction?
Who is it for?

Just as a personal trainer at a gym helps our body stretch and grow, a spiritual director helps a person’s heart and soul stretch and grow in interior places with the Trinity.

Are you seeking deeper intimacy with Christ?

You are yearning for a tender closeness with Jesus. Yet you aren’t quite sure if that’s even possible.

Do you need encouragement to persevere?

You’d like someone alongside, a companion who listens with you and cheers you on your journey inward.  You ache to become more fully alive, more fully your beloved self, more fully engulfed in God’s marvelous kind love but are a bit weary of the length of the sojourn and doing it alone.

Is your soul parched?

You are thirsty but can’t seem to drink deeply enough to be quenched. Your heart feels rough, so very scorched, arid, and you are gasping for air. Is there an oasis in this desert place?

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