Welcome, beloved.

Yes, you. You are indeed beloved of the Lord.

Yet, that’s sometimes hard to believe, isn’t it?

Are you aching for more intimacy with God? Aching to know your belovedness? Wondering if that’s even possible?

What would it be like if you knew that God simply adores you and He longs for more of you?

How would you step differently into your day if you knew, really knew, His delight over you?

Would your joys be brighter? Your heartaches a bit lighter? Could you find calm in the chaos? Marvels in the mournings?

You are invited to the journey of your belovedness, of your belonging, of discovering your own beauty, of finding true intimacy with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Sound too good to be true?

Let me walk with you in that journey as you discover anew the deep kindness of the Father, the wooing love of the Bridegroom, the friendly companionship of Spirit.

Let me companion your heart as you unfold the wonder of who you are with the God who calls you His own beloved.

Perhaps you feel unsure how to go forward. Maybe you feel so, so very tired, so very weary. Dreary weary. There is much unspoken broken within. The desert has nothing on you in terms of dryness. Frustration is a familiar hinderance. You aren’t sure who you are, or if the prayers you pray even matter. Or maybe prayer itself eludes you.

You long for more intimacy with God but don’t have the first clue as to how to unravel that mystery.

Come along. Ponder. Wonder. Discover joy. Know your belovedness, your place of belonging, your sparkle of true beauty.

Listen long to the delight the God who made you has for you.

Together we will ponder. Together we will wonder. Together we will be joy hunters.

What does that look like?

As with any journey, a variety of routes are available to explore.

I offer spiritual direction.

I offer life coaching.

I offer words for your heart.

I come alongside as you desire inner transformation. I listen to the echoes of God’s invitations to become more fully your sparkling self.

I offer questions that allow holy wrestling to become the echo of your heart.

Here you can hold the tension of living on this curious, wonderful, befuddling earth while aching for the splendid wholeness of healing we will know when we arrive truly at home, where all will be fully well.

Here you can lean into the hope of heaven.

Here you can notice the movements of God across the landscape of your heart. Together we will explore, listen for, and listen in to the kind and constant pursuits of Father, Son, and Spirit for your heart.

I’m here to companion with you.

Let’s walk into wonder and mystery, into being so very loved, so very seen, so very known. Let’s hear afresh the stories God is writing in and through you.

Once upon a time and again even now, God called you His beloved. There’s more to the Story…


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