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The sprinklers are reviving the grass this morning. Lord, with Your Presence, You the Living Water, come and revive my heart.

Looking out the window this morning, that was my first thought: I need reviving. I am dry. I am shriveling up and colorless, like the lawn that’s depleted of moisture. I thirst. I am dehydrated of heart. I thirst for more of my heart to be present to this day. I thirst for more of my heart to be present to Your heart today.

I have a choice. I can sit and wish or I can rise and act. I can wonder why I’m still thirsty and do nothing about it or I can choose to be quenched and drenched by Living Water. My wishes have to move me enough to rise and place myself in quenching places.

For me, the Psalms are like a flow of fluid that move me from wishing to watching water pour forth. I open the spigot. A drip splatters on my tongue. Then a dribble squiggles down my throat. Then a drenching begins the quenching of all that is dry in me.

I thirst for more of You, O Lord. Keep me moving ever towards the flow of You.

Where do you thirst for more of God? What motions will rehydrate you?






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