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Posts tagged ‘glory’

Edit Two

The final round

Of editing

Feels like

That sprint

When your lungs burn

And your legs wobble

And you can see the finish line,

But are gasping for hope and energy.


To undo

What took so long to do

Seems counterproductive.


In fact,

Such editing

Adds a patina

Of possibility

That was lost

In the plethora

Of prose.


Ah, Lord,

You, too,

Edit me.

You fix typos

And point out



You invite me to more

By becoming less.


Edit away, Lord,

That I might be

A fine story

For Your glory.


© Lane Arnold

June 19, 2012


Impatience, Stalled Out

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handy-work.

Psalm 19


So soft

So slight

So slow

I must be quite


To notice

Its stealth


Upon the fence-rail’s top.

Snow, even slower now

To accumulate,

Shows me again

That slow





To notice the snow,

I must stay still

And fully focused on

One thing

To see

Change occur.

Ah, Lord,

At this slow waiting season of

My life,

Where movement

Seems infinitesimal,

Let me

Still my focus fully

To see You,

The One who changes all things

In the slow of waiting


You remain changeless.