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Words speak forth life. They tell our story. They reveal our heart.

I’ve had the blessing of writing for a variety of venues across the decades of my life.

Poetry. Prose. Prayers. Personal essays. Journal writing. Love letters. Mother to child letters. Travel dialogues.

A book for InterVarsity Press.  On line devotionals for Tyndale Publishing Company. Blessing liturgy for a baby dedication. Young Life prayer letters. Bible study for small group gatherings. Leader encouragement guides. Articles in The Reading Teacher and in TESOL publications. Curriculum creations for elementary school ESOL programs. Technology lessons for elementary students & teachers’ professional development. In house grants for elementary school projects.

I’ve written because I can’t not write. I’ve written for pleasure. I’ve written for pay. I’ve written for work. I’ve written for leisure. I’ve written because creativity wells up in me through the flow of words.

Along the way, I’ll leave some poetry and prose and prayers here, along with a plethora of other meanderings. They are offerings of my heart, an overflow from the heart of the God whom I adore.



  1. Lane~
    It brought me so much joy to read through your website!!!! Thank you for being you!

    I am a counselor, Christian Life Coach and spiritual director.

    “Words speak forth life. Words tell our story.” So true! A friend and mentor in my life, Gladys (Rusty) Hunt, in her book Honey for a Woman’s Heart, says, “Words create worlds for us to live in.” It is true in a wordscrafting sense, but also so true as coaches, counselors, spiritual directors and individuals living out our lives as Christ-followers. I look forward to hearing more from you, reading what you have written, blogged and share. Blessings!

    May 27, 2012
    • lane1225 #

      Thank you, Sharen. Your words brought me joy as well.

      May 27, 2012