Questions to ponder and pray over during our Lenten fast:

  • What is the hunger beneath the hunger about?
  • What do I thirst for? 
  • How have I been filling my hunger/thirst apart from God?
  • What is God up to in this time of fasting?
  • Where do I hope God doesn’t ask me to deny myself? 
  • How do I resist fasting?
  • What place does pride play in my choice to fast?
  • How does Isaiah 58:6-7 encourage me to fast? 
  • Do I make a show of fasting? (Matthew 6:16-18)
  • How can the time freed up from not eating or doing some other activity that I am fasting from instead be used to eat of God? 
  • What hold does food (or whatever I chose to give up for Lent) have on me? 
  • What other areas of my life are impacted by the holy habit of fasting? 
  • Where do the inclinations of my flesh control me more than the inclinations of my faith?

Featured image is courtesy of Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

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