As a spiritual director, I come alongside women who desire inner transformation so they can enjoy intimacy with God. 


Spiritual DirectionSpiritual direction is the act of paying attention to Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Father God.

Together, a spiritual director and a directee meet in the presence of Holy Spirit, to look, listen, discern, and move closer to the heart of the Holy Trinity. Within this sacred relationship, as a spiritual director, I encourage my directees to develop a deeper life with Father, Son, & Spirit.

Just as a personal trainer at a gym helps our body stretch and grow, a spiritual director helps a person’s heart and soul stretch and grow in interior places with Trinity.

This is not a counseling, discipling, coaching, or mentoring relationship. My role is rather to pray with and for you as you journey with Jesus. Like a driver changing lanes, there are blind spots, steep curves, sudden drop-offs. My spiritual director’s role, like mirrors, maps, and traffic signals, enables you to notice and traverse the terrain of your own heart and soul, as you explore your interior landscape. My role is to pray with and for you, ask attentive questions, and offer occasional resources, so that you may discern Holy Spirit’s daily work and invitations in your life.

Spiritual director background: Throughout my adult life, I have been involved in some form of ministry, both within parachurch and church organizations. My ministry is caring for the heart and soul of God’s people. For many years, I taught elementary school. I am a certified Christian life coach. At Denver Seminary, I completed a two-year certificate program in Christian Formation and Soul Care.

I am a member of Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association and in my spiritual direction work, I ascribe to ESDA’s doctrinal statement and code of ethics.

What Is Spiritual Direction?
Who is it for?

Just as a personal trainer at a gym helps our body stretch and grow, a spiritual director helps a person’s heart and soul stretch and grow in interior places with the Trinity.

Are you seeking deeper intimacy with Christ?

You are yearning for a tender closeness with Jesus. Yet you aren’t quite sure if that’s even possible.

Do you need encouragement to persevere?

You’d like someone alongside, a companion who listens with you and cheers you on your journey inward.  You ache to become more fully alive, more fully your beloved self, more fully engulfed in God’s marvelous kind love but are a bit weary of the length of the sojourn and doing it alone.

Is your soul parched?

You are thirsty but can’t seem to drink deeply enough to be quenched. Your heart feels rough, so very scorched, arid, and you are gasping for air. Is there an oasis in this desert place?

My commitment to you: I commit to grow attentively and prayerfully with Father, Son, & Spirit within my own life and for your life. Through a deepening relationship with the Trinity, accompanied by spiritual holy habits and spiritual formation, I linger longer at the heart of God.  I submit myself to a spiritual director for myself, as well as to a Spiritual Director Supervisor. These holy relationships keep my heart and soul and spiritual direction practice ever-moving towards being healed, whole, holy and healthy.

Our time together: Our time together will last approximately sixty minutes once a month. We can meet via FaceTime, Skype, on the phone, or in person, if you live in my area.

Spiritual Direction & Life Coaching: Differences

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