All I Did

from the perspective of

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

All I did was be, 

as the angel said, 

as the Lord invited…


All I did was choose 

to let God be with me, 

though the words troubled me, 

though fear shook my soul, 

like an earthquake shaking time and space.


All I did was be His, a servant.


I was so young, young enough to believe the impossible,

Old enough to wonder at it all.

I was young enough to know I had no power to make these crazy words true,

Old enough to know the Truth-maker.


I was young enough to imagine life with a husband,

Old enough to marvel at Mystery overcoming me.


All I did was be His, a worshipper.


I praised the Un-understandable

I praised the Wonder

I praised my God

I praised the Blessing I carried within.


All I did was be His, the betrothed.

I went with Joseph, invited.

I labored with Jesus, holiness bursting forth.

I worshipped with shepherds and angels.

I adored the Adoring One.


All I did was be His, an attentive one.


When the wine was gone, I went to the Wine Himself.

When His words seemed odd, I told the servants to trust anyway.

When the water turned to wine, I was the only one who wasn’t surprised.


All I did was be His, a follower.


At trial, at Cross, at Tomb—full then emptied—

I followed my God, my Son, my heart, my Son.


All I did was be 

what God invited.

Featured photos are courtesy of Ross Sneddon and Robert Bye on Unsplash.

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