At twilight riding down the street towards home, we noticed a mother and her daughter out walking, who were clearly concerned about an immature flicker sitting stunned in the middle of the road.

Today, while mowing the grass, my husband came upon a dazed and confused young magpie, sitting awkwardly in the grass.

A bit later, two hummingbirds, acting rather territorial, zoomed back and forth, dive-bombing one another and anyone who carelessly stepped onto the deck in their line of frenetic flight.

En route to the grocery store as the sun watercolored the clouds at dusk, a hawk, intense and at the ready, paused regally upon the upper limbs of a blue spruce, while on the nearby fence rails, a robin chirped cheerfully at another robin.

Jesus, You tell me to consider the birds of the air….

surprisingly, I find I see myself in these feathered creatures of Yours.

Sometimes, I am sitting stunned or dazed and confused.

Sometimes I’m dive-bombing others with my all-about-me-ness.

Sometimes I’m fully present, well-aligned with the fullness of my calling. Sometimes, I’m happily chatting with a nearby friend.

I wonder, Lord, what do you want me to consider, when I consider the birds?

Am I to consider the beauty and wonder You bestowed? Am I to ponder the vastness of Your creativity?

Am I to notice how more of my own heart as I look at how Your creatures act in nature?

I wonder, how has considering a bird today brought you to notice yourself and God today?


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