Psalm 43:3 A Reflection by Lane M Arnold

Psalm 43:3

Send forth Your light and Your truth,

Let them bring me to Your holy mountain,

To the place where You dwell.


O send forth

 Your Light

 here among darkness that so easily engulfs me.

O send forth

Your Truth

 here among too-easily believed lies.

O send forth

 Your Light and Truth

 here illuminated in Jesus the Luminescent Exactness of the Father.


O bring me

 Your hand, Spirit, holding mine

for I need more of You to keep me holy.

O bring me

Your heart, Bridegroom, romancing mine

O bring me

Your arms, Father, engulfing mine


O settle me

Into Your holy hill

O settle me

into Your holy will

O settle me

into Your holy fill

O send me

into the darkest night

O send me

 out to offer Endless Light


O bring me

  safely home again

O bring me

 to Your wondrous home that never ends.


O send forth!

O bring me!

O bring forth!

O send me!

O let me

ever see

Your joyfulness


In the dance of being sent.

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