What Does Your Soul Love by Alan Fadling and Gem Fadling

What happens when two unhurried people thoughtfully consider the ways of transformation?

A book worth pondering comes forth.

A book about soul transformation

This, however, isn’t simply a book about the topic of transformation. It isn’t eight easy steps to becoming a transformed person. Rather, What Does Your Soul Love? invites us to encounter eight piercing questions. Each reveals some aspect of the architecture of the heart in need of interior design.

Questions invite, challenge, clarify, and dip deep into the heart of the reader. Spiritual exercises at each chapter’s end help us pay attention. As we explore the answers to these eight questions, the Holy Spirit moves us from simply skimming the surface of life to a deep dive into tender places of the soul.

Conversations with God

Reading this book leads to deep conversations with God about the state of one’s heart. Are you reluctant to change? Read on. Are you revved up to change? Read on. Are you rejoicing at change? Read on.

As a spiritual director, I revisited places that ache for more healing alongside discovering afresh unexplored places within myself. What Does Your Soul Love? Eight Questions That Reveal God’s Work In You will certainly serve as a springboard in my practice of spiritual direction. If you minister to others through teaching, leading small groups, mentoring, or encouraging, others, this is your book.

Gem & Alan Fadling Quote

Whether you use this book for your own personal journey, for dialogue within a book club, or as the focus for your small group Bible study, the book, like a retreat, isn’t to be rushed through, but rather held and examined over the course of time.

The Authors

Gem and Alan Fadling, known for their unhurried sense of approaching life, unveil their transparent, vulnerable stories. They draw us into the risky business of moving from where we are to where God is inviting us to be by showing us how God moved within them. It’s one thing to talk about transformation; it’s another to mirror it with real-life vignettes.

Let their words written here linger long in you. Dare to ponder your desires, resistances, vulnerabilities: the things going on at the very core of your being. Unbend the traps of pain, fear, and control. Find release and rejoicing while you discover and recover places of joyful transformation.

May your reading set the tone for a new perspective on a familiar topic: transformation for the good of God’s people.  

What My Soul Loves? Eight Questions that Reveal God’s Work in You, published by IVP an imprint of InterVarsity Press is authored by Gem and Alan Fadling.


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