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Lane Arnold offers spiritual direction as one who delights in the creative invitations of the wild, winsome, and wondrous Trinity. In the presence of God the Good Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, she accompanies directees as they explore heart transformation and intimacy with God.

A word-lover, she tiptoes and twirls with words as an editor, book coach, writing coach, and an author. A creativity life coach, she encourages folks forward into soaring dreams.

With the heart of a teacher, the sassy delight of a child, the lament of one who has known suffering, and the joy of an encourager, Lane savors those she serves. She holds space for joys and sorrows in both the spiritual journey and the writing journey as she offers her gift of listening deeply to the story of the heart.

An experienced listener, she holds a certificate in Christian Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary. She trained in the giving of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola through the Jesuit Institute South Africa and the Martin Institute Westmont College.

Whenever possible, she is laughing long and often with her grandchildren, children, and high-school-sweetheart husband. Her favorite sound is the heartbeat of her heavenly Father.

She’s yet to turn down the opportunity to enjoy dark chocolate, fresh raspberries, walking barefoot on the beach, dancing in the kitchen, a book of poetry, a story worth reading more than once, and moments of belly-laughter.

As your writing coach and editor…

I help you delve deep into the spark of your ideas to craft articles, blog posts, and books that sparkle.

I encourage you as you develop a writing rhythm, find confidence in your unique voice, and create well-crafted content.

I offer you accountability, lend emotional and pragmatic support, and keep joy as your companion as you put heart on paper.

As a spiritual director…

I come alongside women who desire inner transformation so they can enjoy more intimacy with God.

I accompany women as they explore holy habits and deep conversations with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I help women discover their own interior landscape through lingering long with God as part of your spiritual formation and soul care journey.

Lane’s Writings

Advent’s Slow Invitation

Advent’s Slow Invitation

When I was a child, airport trips to pick up incoming family members accentuated the wonder of the holidays. We walked from the wood-paneled station wagon all the way to the airport arrival gate, just off the taxiway. Dressed in our Sunday best,...

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Thanking God for God

Thanking God for God

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. - A.W. Tozer, Knowledge of the Holy   I find that what I believe about God impacts how I live out my faith daily. So, considering what I believe and...

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